CliniconTop is one stop marketing company for Dentist. Here Dentist can get marketing strategies IT services to grow their practice.


Aug 2018 - Jun 2019


  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • UI Design


CliniconTop Basically provide IT services to Dental Practice:

  • Dental Marketing
  • 3D Tooth and treatment Selection
  • Attract more patients through Website & SEO, Enhanced web presence, Social media marketing and advertising
  • Manage Clinic reputation by Patient's reviews, patient satisfaction surveys
  • Provide online appointment booking system
  • Automate your front office


This website works in this 3 following steps:

Step 1 : Schedule FREE Demo

‍Request a free demo for 30 minutes. One of CliniconTop healthcare marketing expert will get in contact with you and confirm your 30 minute free demo session. Not only they provide 24*7 customer support, but also you doctor can with thier dedicated Clinicontop Guru. Clinicontop Guru is your dedicated success manager who will get you onboard, help doctor with entire technology transition, strategize your marketing plan, execute online reputation campaigns and upscale your SEO.

Step 2 : Get A Plan

Patients come to doctor from multiple channel platforms. Successful online reputation creates enormous opportunity for clinic to recieve new patients from different vertical channels. For example, website, social media platforms, google listing, local listing, classified listing and other customized marketing campaigns or promotional offers.

Step 3 : WIN Online/Offline

CliniconTop show results in real time. See your patient growth in real time. Witness the technological revolution it bring for clinic's growth and continuously expand.


From the competitive analysis done above, the following pain points or goals has been set for the CliniconTop :

  • The home page should provide a clear picture of the services and steps to start
  • Doctor should be able to successfully schedule the demo
  • 3D Teeth & Symptoms selection for Automatic Appointment booking
  • Clinic/Doctor can see their clinic's growth in real time through their dashboard


The design of the website was created by keeping Katherine in mind who want emargacy dental appointment to fix her theeth issue


I created a low-fidelity prototype of the desktop site. I created a UI requirements document to outline all of the features and elements I wanted to incorporate into the design.

Responsive Design

At this point in the design process, I needed to think about how I wanted the site to look on different screen sizes. It was essential that the website would present as well on tablet and mobile devices as it did in desktop size. I created responsive wireframes for Capitol Supermarket's key pages and began to flesh them out.


At this point in the process, I began thinking about how the website would look and feel to visitors. I came up with a series of descriptive words that captured the essence of the Aajivan website : Fresh, modern, quality, affordable, colorful.With these adjectives in mind, I created mood boards where I collected typography, logos, and color schemes that aligned with my vision for Aajivan.

I began brainstorming ideas for a logo, aided by the inspiration I found on internet. I wanted to maintain some elements of the logo in a way that it projected a more professional image.


I applied the branding to my mid-fidelity wireframes. With all of the visual details added, the were fully fleshed out.

This are the other pages of the website.


  • Lots of thought process was given on designing the website
  • Determining the designing of free demo page‍
  • There were lot of content to show and as a designer I have to mange that how I show it in correct way


  • It was an eye-opening experience that taught me a lot about being lean and knowing when and where to focus your energy and efforts
  • I made the mistake of worrying about the look of the UI. Taking a step back and reassessing the user flows helped me to reprioritise the UX
  • Improvised some designing skills both in wireframes as well as high-fidelity prototyping